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Search Engine Submission

Submitting you website to all the search engines and directories can take a lot of time and effort. Why not let us do it for you. We have the tools and expertise to get it done in a fraction of the time.

As there are so many search engines and different ways of submitting we charge an hourly rate for submission and pass on any submission fees for the various search engines, all costs will be provided before hand.

By submitting to several key search engines we can get a site listed in the majority of the World's search engines and directories.You can see a list of partnerships below.

Search Engine



Feeds LookSmart
and Uses LookSmart's directory & ODP

AOL Netfind

Powered by Google

Ask Jeeves

Building own index, search results are then manipulated by Direct Hit with meta data from AltaVista, Excite, WebCrawler, and Goto.com (now owns AskJeeves)

Direct Hit

Using own database with supplemental results from ODP, and AskJeeves. Influences searches on HotBot, AskJeeves, iWon, ZDNET, and MSN.


Uses Looksmart directory. Owns and powers Magellan, and WebCrawler.

Fast (alltheweb.com)

Feeds Lycos.


Formerly called Metacrawler uses a variety of search engines including AltaVista, DirectHit, Excite, Google, Goto, Infoseek, Lycos, Looksmart, WebCrawler, and the only Meta search to use Thunderstone.


Feeds Netscape Netcenter, gets from ODP, and feeds non-directory results for Yahoo and AOL. Has it's own sponsored links system


Gets from Inktomi for non-paid results.


Uses ODP, Primary results from Inktomi, ODP Directory, with results manipulated by Direct Hit


Feeds Search.com and is now the major engine behind GO.com. Has own directory.


Gets from Inktomi with directory listings by Looksmart, and the whole thing manipulated by Direct Hit.


Feeds, Hotbot, iWon, AOL search, Snap, Looksmart, MSN Search, Secondary search on MSN.co.uk and Goto. Also has dozens of customers in Europe and the Far East.


Has its own directory. Gets Search results from Inktomi and serves AltaVista directory, Excite, Iwon, MSN.co.uk and Search.msn. Also powers 2000 to 3000 ISP homepages.


Now uses ODP Directory and Fast (AllTheWeb) search results. Some Direct Hit Data influenced.


Uses WebCrawler

Netscape Search

Uses Google, ODP, About.com/Mining CO.

Northern Light


Open Directory Project (GnuHoo/NewHoo)

Feeds Netscape Search, AltaVista, Google Directory, AOL Directory, Hotbot, Lycos, Direct Hit, and thousands of smaller sites.


Overture powers sponsored links on many search engines including AOL Search, Altavista, Hotbot, Lycos, msn, Netscape Directory and Yahoo.com

Search MSN

Directory results from LookSmart. Results from Inktomi and Direct Hit.


Gets from Infoseek


Gets from Inktomi and feeds own self built directory


Part of Ask Jeeves. Designed to beat google, originally used Inktomi's database.


Part of Excite


Uses Google for non-directory matches, Sponsered links for yahoo.co.uk provided by Espotting and for yahoo.com by Overture

Some Information above as stated by Search Engine World

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